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Who:                     Calling American Pagan Church members & newcomers
What:                                 APC organizational & planning meeting
When:                 Sat. 2/8/14 11:45 am
Where:              Hampton Bays Diner,        157 West Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY  11946

Directions:   Take Sunrise Highway (route 27) to exit 65 South, get on
Route 24 south, go straight a short distance and you see that Route 24 south dead ends right on West Montauk Hwy.  Slightly to the left is the diner, visible from Route 24 South, with a back sign & gold lettering


Nina will be convening the meeting with her APC polo shirt on, with the APC
Pentagram star.  See you there.


Bealtain Sabbat Ritual

Will be held on Thursday 4/29/2010. Thor's influence continues...

5:30pm at Fisher's Landing Wainscott New York on the beach (If raining will be held at church)

Bring food for feast, joy, happiness, and love for dance, ritual, and all... bring yourself and your lust-one if you have one.

Special Event APRIL 24 2010


Saturday 4/24/2010 1 and 5 pm CUUPS Valley Stream NY

Nancy Venus is known among us as Bealtain in the Park Nancy and we hope she attends as usual!

For those unfamiliar with Beltane, it is the Wiccan/Pagan Festival of Spring.  This is the time when people dance the Maypole.  Jackie Beltaine (please note the different spelling in her email from her name at the bottom, and the name of the festival in her text), and the late Maypole Joe founded Beltane In The Park with their Coven, Aradia's Children seventeen years ago.  They held the festival for ten years, at first in different locations, and then towards the end in Wantagh Park.


     After that Nancy Venus or Lady Venus, as she is known in the Wiccan/Pagan community and her Coven, the Coven Of The Copper Cauldron assumed the leadership role.  With the help of many in the community, they held the festival for six years.  Nancy had wanted to do ten, just like the previous group, but it was not to be.  During the time of her tenure Beltane In The Park grew and thrived.  This year it is being done by the Coven of the Rising Phoenix.  I wish them the best of luck.  It will be both May 1 & 2 in Wantagh Park. 


    // Nancy Bealtaine

From John Callow, her partner, husband, and mate:

      There will be at least one speaker in the afternoon and a number of speakers in the evening.  For members of the Wiccan/Pagan community, I would like both the afternoon and evening sessions be ended with "We All Come From The  Goddess".  For those unfamiliar, this song/chant is to the Wiccans and Pagans as a hymn is to the Christian community.  Below is a link to a particularly good rendition.  Other versions are available on YouTube as well.  Thank you very much.









The Annual Witches Masquerade Ball

Whoville Bar & Grill, Bethpage, New York

Cost: Free


339 Broadway, Bethpage, NY 516-931-9296

Ritual @ 7pm ~ Party 8 - Midnight

Samhain Ritual

Live Music

Best Costume Contest


Free Admission






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