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Long Island's Bealtaine In The Park:

Melissa Walpole

Some PSA's
1. We are a RAIN OR SHINE event. We have had some rain in the past, and the event still kicked ass, remember us melting in it is only a myth.
2. Pot Luck Food, bring it to the kitchen, Mel or a minion will be there, tell them what it is (labeling it would be awesome) and what we need to do, we will set up everything
3. Canned food donations for LI Cares!!!
4. Parking, we do not have the school again this year, but right past us in Coindre Hall (which is a state... park) so we can unofficially park there. I just cant tell you to park there. If you park on the street, be mindful! Do not block driveways!
5. Have FUN! Bring tons of love, glitter and your fairy wings~

This past Thursday is now being referred to (at least by me) as "Cookie Day".  We decided, almost at the last minute, to gather items for our troops in Iraq and I baked, oh, about 5 dozen or so cookies for them as well, with the help of my wonderful husband Tim (aka the dishwasher) and one of our newest members, Ursula!  Turns out, with everything boxed up, it was approximately 19+ pounds of cookies and toiletries all together!  We sent, toothpaste, toothbrushes, sewing kits, babypowder, deodorant, wet-wipes, and batteries all in neat little airtight bags along with all those cookies.  Lots and lots and ::sigh:: LOTS of cookies!!  The worst part was, we weren't allowed to eat any the cookies as we baked (though we did end up with extras which we divied out amongst ourselves and the raw cookie-dough wasn't half bad either)!!  Ross sent out everything today with the hopes that it'll all get to our guys and gals over-seas sometime this week. 

We did not hold ritual (too many cookies to bake) but we did have a wonderful dinner quickly thrown together by Tim & Ross, consisting of cheesy greenbeans, mashed potatoes, and pork.  Mmmm....  meat!  I'm not really sure how they actually got dinner ready when I was hogging both the kitchen itself and the oven the whole time, but they made due with what little space I left them and even in winter, the bbq is a wonderful thing!!


Blessed Be!


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